Where does my child fit in to the UKFA?…..all our programmes are listed below in order of age group:

”LITTLE KICKZ” – 4-6 Years (Beginners):

This programme is the first time the child will be left by the parent to learn with the coach and other kids. Again it will focus on the ”ABC’s” while getting the child really used to having a football to themselves. Working on foot skills in games where the kids won’t even know they are doing it!! We introduce the kids to the idea of proper football matches. They start to get the idea of being competitive against other.

”JUNIORS” – 6-8 Years (Mostly Intermediate):

Players will spend the first part of every session working on ball wizardry, making sure they are comfortable with a ball at their feet working on the 4 foot surfaces, and developing new skills to beat the opposition in 1v1 situations. All sessions will end with small sided games/matches.

”SENIORS” – 8-12 Years (Mostly Intermediate to Advanced):

Players will work on a whole host of skills during each session. Speed and agility, ball mastery and foot communication, body mechanics and motor skills. The introduction of tactical awareness, making sure players know where to be and why. All sessions will again end with small sided games. Other elements will be speed and agility training.