The UKFA offers birthday party services all year round, anywhere, anytime, for all to enjoy:

Email us with any birthday party questions – or call 5187 5994, but below are some FAQ’s to help you:

  • Which day can I have the party? – Due to our schedule, the best days to run a party are Saturday afternoons, or anytime on Sundays
  • Where is the venue? – The UKFA does not have a venue to host birthday parties so it is up to the parents to organise this. We are happy to travel and we will bring all the equipment, goals, balls etc. We are happy to advise on locations if you need help and can book local pitches 1 month in advance
  • How long is the party? – The coach can be booked for however long you want, although a 1 hour minimum is required. We will run a party which includes plenty of fun games and matches. Of course when the coach leaves the party can still continue.
  • What will it cost? – The cost depends on the amount of time you want the coach and how many kids will be attending. Once we speak we can provide you with a cost.
  • How many kids can attend? – You can invite as many kids as you want, but the age and number will determine how many coaches you’ll need.
  • When do I need to book the party? – It is best to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. However, a minimum of 1 months notice is required if you need us to book a pitch. A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required if you have your own venue organised.
  • When do I need to make payment?– A deposit of $500 must be paid 2 weeks before the party, and the remaining amount can be paid on the day of the party
  • What if I need to cancel? – If you give us more than 3 hours notice there is no charge and the deposit will be returned to you, any later and the deposit will not be returned. If bad weather stops the party less than half way through the 90 minutes, we will rearrange the party for another day at no extra cost.